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Brewery & Restaurant


Brewery & Restaurant - British Columbia Canada
Lot Size/Acres: 0.706 Acres across 3 titles   
Step into an inviting space, where the charm of a (...)
Accommodation Business on Cariboo HWY


Accommodation Business on Cariboo HWY - Clinton, BC Canada
Lot Size/Acres: 2   
Cariboo Lodge Resort in Clinton, British Columbia (...)
Okanagan Waterfront Resort


Okanagan Waterfront Resort - Okanagan, BC Canada
Lot Size/Acres: 9.366 Acres - Portion Leased   
Incredible waterfront resort in the Okanagan
RV Park in Kootenay Area


RV Park in Kootenay Area - Kootenay Region, BC Canada
Lot Size/Acres: 9   
Are you in search of a beautiful RV Park nestled (...)
Central BC RV Park


Central BC RV Park - Central BC, BC Canada
Lot Size/Acres: 9.91 Acres   
Welcome to an exceptional opportunity in the (...)

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 RE/MAX Kelowna

  • 100-1553 Harvey Avenue
  • Kelowna, BC
  • V1Y 6G1

Larry (Direct) 250.862.8100

Fax 250.862.8100